Services & Rates


$65-75 per session

Initial evaluation and treatment: $75.00.  Follow-up treatments: $65.00.

Forms of payment accepted: cash, check, debit or credit card.  

Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used forms of medicine in the world. Originating in China more than 2,500 years ago, acupuncture is currently one of the most thoroughly researched, practiced, and respected forms of complementary medicine available anywhere.  Acupuncture entails the insertion of sterile, hair-thin needles into specific points on the body for the purpose of treating pain, injury and illness.  

 Recent research shows that acupuncture points stimulate the central nervous system to release a variety of neurotransmitters, endorphins and other biochemicals that trigger the body’s self-regulating systems. This biochemical response promotes physical and emotional well-being by improving circulation, reducing inflammation and stimulating the body’s natural healing ability. 

 The many benefits of acupuncture include:

  • Pain reduction
  • Stress and tension relief
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved immune function
  • Stronger digestion
  • Improved health and well-being

How to prepare for an acupuncture treatment:  Eat a light meal or a snack 1-2 hours before your acupuncture treatment.  It is also important to be sufficiently hydrated.  A good rule is to drink one more glass of water than you normally would.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing or feel free to bring a change of clothes with you, such as shorts and a T-shirt. 

Your initial visit will be approximately 90 minutes as a thorough evaluation is performed, followed by the treatment session.  Your follow up visit will be approximately 45-60 minutes and will include an assessment of your status and a treatment session.  


Micro-current Auricular (ear) Therapy/Needle Free Acupuncture

$65 per session

Microcurrent entails the use of very low frequency electronic impulses on specific points on the ear.  Auriculotherapy works because three major nerves: the vagus nerve, the trigeminal nerve and the cervical plexus have brances on the outer ear. These nerves connect with reflex centers in the brain that correspond to every tissue, organ and bone in the body. When stimulated with microcurrent, these neurological pathways release a cascade of biochemicals to the specific body area being targeted to decrease pain and promote healing.  

Micro-current can be used in conjunction with a traditional acupuncture treatment or as a stand-alone procedure for those who prefer not to have needle insertion acupuncture.  

Micro-current is a safe treatment for conditions where needle insertion is contra-indicated due to medical conditions such as skin infection, bleeding disorders, fragile skin, etc and of course is perfect for people who are afraid of needles.  

Health Coaching

imageCounseling on lifestyle changes, dietary changes, herbal recommendations  and exercise and relaxation practices are essential components of the healing journey.  At Traditional Acupuncture, Marcey Rosin, L.Ac., LLC., we impart information and provide the support necessary for every patient to feel empowered to overcome their pain, illness or injury and to have the tools they need to maintain optimal health and well-being.  These services are provided as indicated to each patient to enhance response to treatment.  

Cupping, Gua Sha and Heat Therapy

Cupping and Gua Sha are body  work therapies that have been part of Asian Medicine for 2500 years and are still widely used for their ability to enhance circulation and boost the immune system.  The use of far infrared heat therapy and/or moxibustion are other modalities used in our clinic as indicated to address specific health concerns.  These therapies may be used as stand alone treatments, or in combination with your acupuncture treatment.  

Cancer Care

$65 per session


Acupuncture treats the nausea/vomiting, fatigue, mind-fog, insomnia, hot flashes and other side effects associated with chemo and radiation, including peripheral neuropathy.  Acupuncture is also effective in treating stress, anxiety and depression and assists patients, survivors and their families to maintain emotional balance.

 Acupuncture treatments help restore a sense of well-being and calm.

 For more information or to schedule an acupuncture appointment please contact me at (520) 904-1460 or click on the "contact me" link on this website.



Smoking cessation treatments

Quitting smoking is a difficult, stressful process.  Acupuncture is proven to be as effective, and in some cases, more effective than other modalities in helping individuals quit smoking (American Journal of Public Health. 2002 October, 92(10): 1642-1647).  The particular elegance and advantage of acupuncture over other modalities is that there are no side effects from taking medications. Moreover, acupuncture simultaneously addresses and treats the stress/anxiety associated with quitting.

 The acupuncture treatment for smoking cessation consists of a protocol of auricular (ear) points targeting the organs of detoxification and respiration as well as points targeting emotional well-being/addictive behaviors.  There is only one body point used, a point on the hand between the thumb and the index finger. 

Treatment frequency is between 3-5 times per week.  Some individuals respond after a few treatments, others require more consistent, long-term follow-up. 


Home Visits

$90-120 per visit

Visits to home, hospital or care facility are available on a case by case basis.  Call for more info.