Pain Management

 Reliance on pain medication as the standard treatment for pain management has created a new epidemic of addiction without having helped relieve the suffering of those with acute and chronic pain.  

 Acupuncture has gained popularity precisely because it is proven to provide effective pain control without the the unwanted side effects of medications. 

  As a Board Certified and State Licensed Practitioner of Acupuncture I have spent nearly two decades specializing in the treatment of pain. Not only can I help reduce your pain with acupuncture, but as a practitioner trained in the full specturm of Asian Healing Arts, I can also provide information on meditation practices and dietry changes that help reduce pain.  

Whether you are looking for a way to reduce your dependency on your medications or wish to try a natural, effective way to regain your life from the grip of pain, I can help!  

Below are some articles of interest regarding acupuncture and the treatment of pain: