COVID-19 Policies

My Acupuncture clinic is deeply committed to protecting the health and welfare of every patient.  To this end, I have devoted much attention to developing policies and procedures to enhance patient safety in the "new normal" of COVID-19. 

1) Acupuncture clinics, including Marcey Rosin, L.Ac., LLC,  may be subject to periodic COVID-19 closures based on the recommendations of public health officials and mandates from the Arizona Acupuncture Board and the Office of the Governor.  These closures are essential to protecting your health and the health of our most vulnerable members of society.  

2) An air filtration system will run in the acupuncture treatment room.  The system used is rated to clear viruses as small as 0.1 microns. The COVID-19 virus is 0.125 microns.  A filtration system is an extra level of protection, but not a guarantee,  that all airborn viral particles will be captured.   

3) The treatment room will be disinfected between each patient.  

4) Face mask policy:  a) the practitioner, who has had both doses of the Moderna vaccine, will continue to wear a face mask while treating patients; b) It is recommended that all patients continue to wear face masks, however, those patients who bring in their vaccination card, verifying they have been fully vaccinated, AND have reached the two week period after the second vaccine (or in the case of Johnson & Johnson, 2 weeks after the vaccine) may chose to not wear a face mask; c) those patients who have not been vaccinated, or who do not bring in proof of vaccination, must wear a face mask to, and during, their appointments.  Those who refuse to abide by the face mask policy will not be allowed in the office.  

5) Patients who present with signs/symptoms of a cold or the flu will have their temperature taken.  If their temperature is over 99.5, they will not be treated in the acupuncture clinic, and will be advised to follow up with their PCP.    

6) No one will be allowed to accompany a patient, or to wait for a patient in the reception area.   Exceptions will be made for minors and patients with disabilities that necessitate the assistance of a caregiver.  

7) Patients have the option of completely hands free payment, by paying for their appointments in advance.  Simply go to the gift certificate page of this website, click on the link, and then, click on the appropriate gift certificate amount:  70.00 for established patients, 90.00 for initial visit/new patient appointment.  There is no additional charge tacked on for gift card purchases and it is a completey germ free way to pay for your treatment!